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Combined forces dedicated to identifying, protecting and supportingĀ Tennessee human trafficking victims in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Help Heal

The Tennessee Anti-Slavery Alliance ensures quality consistent human-trafficking focused services are provided statewide in the most effective and efficient way possible. TASA advocates for systemic change and provides comprehensiveĀ  trauma informed aftercare to survivors of human trafficking anywhere in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Anti-Slavery Alliance, a partnership between three Non-Governmental Organizations, is dedicated to and experienced in supporting the identification and recovery of human trafficking victims, as well as managing prevention and work-force training to major industries in the state. They manage all human trafficking referrals in their designated region, while providing on-the-ground comprehensive, specialized support for victims and their families. They ensure survivors receive medical and mental health support, safe housing, healing within survivor communities, substance abuse recovery, legal services, legislative assistance and job training, among other services. TASA members also cooperate with law enforcement in stings, trainings and increase the likelihood of survivor cooperation and therefore of perpetrators being prevented from further exploitation.

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