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Why is an Alliance Necessary?

1. Raising awareness around human trafficking at the state level.

While each individual organization of the TASA works to raise awareness and train primary responders at the local level around human trafficking in our state, the TASA as a whole collaborates to manage broad awareness conversations at the state level among government and law enforcement agencies to facilitate statewide best practices and legislative change.

2. Fostering a space where collaborative counter-trafficking work can thrive.

The TASA wholeheartedly believes that it takes collaborative learning, dialogue, and partnerships to continue refining Tennessee’s human trafficking response system so that it grows in its sustainability and effectiveness. Critical to this statewide response to human trafficking is ensuring that space has intentionally been carved out for this collaborative work to occur regarding counter-trafficking initiatives, including community awareness, legislation, victim identification, and aftercare services.

3. Advocating statewide for systemic change.

The TASA advocates for systemic change by working collaboratively to improve and refine state-level legislation regarding human trafficking prevention efforts, community awareness initiatives, and quality service provision to survivors across Tennessee.

4. Providing innovative aftercare services and resource solutions.

The three organizations of the TASA provide wraparound aftercare services to survivors of human trafficking in each of their respective service areas. In addition, the TASA as a whole collaborates with law enforcement, government agencies, and NGOs at the national, state, and local level to push for statewide innovation in aftercare service delivery models. This includes scripting promising practices for aftercare service provision and ensuring that local direct services partner agencies are meeting and exceeding those promising practices.

5. Managing a comprehensive counter-trafficking media database.

The TASA manages a comprehensive, online media database where government and law enforcement officials, direct services providers, and community members alike can access up-to-date research and media articles around human trafficking in Tennessee.